Reel Reviews September

Published: 25-Sep-2023

This month Sarah and Ciaran our movie experts reviewed: Living


purple background with movie reels, popcorn, drinks etc and the cover of the movie Living featuring Bill Nighy

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Living, made last year and set in England in 1953, has plenty of lovely period detail and wonderful acting- Time Out magazine has said Bill Nighy put in a career-best performance. It tells the story of a civil servant faced with a terminal illness, which sounds grim, but it has touches of humour as well as sadness. Based on a screenplay by Kazuo Ishuguro, it has a bit of a play-to-movie feel and a slow start, but once you begin to care about the main character, it’s a great watch.

4 stars.


Living is the sort of movie that halts you in your tracks and makes you really feel the flow of day to day life. There is something undeniably beautiful in Nighy’s performance here, it might well be his best role to date. There is a deep joy grappling with an equally deep sadness here; it’s a message worth sitting with. It’s the sort of movie I wish I could watch for the first time all over again.

4 and a half stars.

Star total: 4