Waimakariri Heritage

liquid amber trees in red, Clydesdale team passes corner of High & Percival Street, Rangiora May 2000

The Waimakariri Heritage Collection is a place to preserve memories and share them with the community. The library team is looking forward to connecting with different groups in the community who want to learn about the area's history and have memories to share. They are also excited about the potential for students and schools in the area to use the platform as part of the Aotearoa New Zealand Histories curriculum and would encourage student contributions.


phone an d laptop show Waimakariri Heritage website, dark blue at the side says Waimakariri Heritage

A Place to conserve and curate community memories and taonga. Discover photographs, documents, audio, books and more about life in Waimakariri.

For further information please email library.heritage@wmk.govt.nz or phone (03) 311 8901