Story Box library activity of the month: September

Published: 12-Sep-2023

Celebrate Spring with Isabella's Garden.

Story Box Library Activity of the Month: September

Cover of the book Isabella's Garden children playing outside in the garden

These are the seeds that sleep in the soil all dark and deep, in Isabella's garden.

Follow Isabella and her friends during their delightful and lyrical exploration of growth and change in the natural world of her garden.

Glenda Millard's sensitive, evocative, and repetitious text echoes the familiar nursery rhyme The House that Jack Built and follows the cyclical journey of seeds planted in the garden. Warmly told through rich and vivid language, Isabella's Garden is both inspiring and reassuring.

Celebrate Spring, with this activity available from Story Box Library linked to the story: Isabella's Garden, written by Glenda Millard, illustrated by Rebecca Cool, performed by Maddie Thiele, and published by Walker Books, Australia, 2009.

Take a Garden Walk

What you need:

* Sketch book and pencils (optional)

* Camera (optional)

* Sturdy shoes, leave your watch at home and enjoy a slow walk around your neighbourhood.

Use all of your senses to take in what is around you.

- Use a camera or draw a sketch of flowers and plants that capture your attention.

- Climb trees or touch flowers that have interesting textures.

- Try to find the flowers and plants responsible for particular scents.

- Try to find plants that produce food.

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