Seaweek At the Libraries

Published: 04-Mar-2019

Seaweek is New Zealand’s annual national week about the sea. Hosted by the NZ Association for Environmental Education (NZAEE), Seaweek focuses on learning from the sea.

It’s about exciting and inspiring all New Zealanders to renew their connections with the sea! Not just for children or those involved with formal education – it’s a time for all of us to get to know our ocean, its habitats, characteristics and inhabitants better.

Seaweek – Kaupapa Moana 2019 will take place from Saturday 2 to Sunday 10 March 2019.

The theme this year is “Tiakina o Tātou Mōana – Care for our Seas”.

Seaweek 2019

Waimakariri Libraries will celebrate Sea Week at the following dates, times, and locations:


Rangiora: Tuesday 5 March 10am

Thursday 7 March 10am

Oxford: Friday 8 March 10am

Kaiapoi: Saturday 9 March 11am


Rangiora: Monday 4 March 10.30am

Wednesday 6 March 10.30am

Kaiapoi: Friday 8 March 11am


Kaiapoi: Wednesday 6 March 10.30am

If you are planning to bring a group, please contact the library or phone 311 8901.