Reel Reviews November

Published: 16-Nov-2023

This month Sarah and Ciaran our movie experts reviewed: Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley

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This movie is available on Kanopy and DVD.


This is the story of how Mary Shelley came to write Frankenstein when she was only 18 years old. The story begins in 1812 when Mary is just 16 and follows her through life choices which for the times were considered scandalous, and the tragedy and sadness that result. Mary remains determined and is able to create a work that resonates with readers for centuries, at a time when women writers were not valued or encouraged. The movie is beautifully shot and acted, with Elle Fanning playing Mary Shelley, and is as much about Mary Shelley’s intelligence and passion as her writing.

4.5 stars.


Mary Shelley is an incredible dramatization of one of the greatest classical authors. This film marvellously captures the gothic style and poetic prose working through our protagonist. Elle Fanning is a masterful leading performer here, showing the heights of passion, desperation, and loneliness her character experienced within those early trying years of her life.

3 stars

Total: 4 stars

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