Your Membership Card

Your Library Card :  One card – endless possibilities

Our four new Library Card designs invite you to explore four aspects of what makes the Waimakariri District a beautiful place to live, play, learn, and thrive.

We see in these designs the diversity of our people, the warm welcome of our towns and communities, the beauty of our waterways, and our strong connection to our lands.

We hope you are able to explore the meaning that these designs hold for you, and that you continue to see new ways to interpret them as you explore our collections and services at Waimakariri Libraries, finding new gems and new experiences with your new Library Card.

Ngā Tāngata o Waimakariri
People of Waimakariri

Ngā Tāone o Waimakariri
Towns of Waimakariri

Ngā Wai o Waimakariri
Waters of Waimakariri

Ngā Whenua o Waimakariri
Lands of Waimakariri