How to have a happy babytimes

How to have a happy Babytimes/Storytimes/Toddlertimes

Babytimes/Storytimes/Toddlertimes is a time for you and your child to enjoy. We suggest the following to ensure everyone has a great time:

  • Arrive a few minutes before Babytimes/Storytimes/Toddlertimes begins, settle yourself and your child.
  • Sit with your child and share the stories, song and rhymes.
  • Let your child's mood lead your session. If the child becomes restless, take a little walk; if they are hungry feel free to feed them. Ten minutes may be all a baby is interested in - you can try longer next time!
  • Please try to avoid chatting to other parents during the session as this is disturbing to both the session leader and others participating.
  • Leave some time to select library materials at the end of Babytimes/Storytimes/Toddlertimes.

And most of all have fun.