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  • Student eResources - high quality content for study and research from our subscription databases
  • Any Questions - live, online help between 1pm and 6pm weekdays - chat with a real librarian about your schoolwork
  • Many Answers - Find answers to popular homework questions and hot topics
  • GivMe - Finding possible funding providers for your personal study expenses. To access this free resource a user account must be created with an email and password. These will be the login details for the user.
  • Generosity has recently been updated, you will need to reset your password when you log in.

New Zealand information


  • Te Ara - New Zealand's online encyclopedia
  • NZ History Net - a good overview of New Zealand history, with a section specifically dedicated to history curriculum topics in NCEA
  • Topic Explorer (National Library) - selected in response to teacher demand and relevance
  • Digital NZ - discover millions of NZ items - photos, posters, newspaper articles and more, from the digital stores of libraries, museums, communities and  government

Local History


You'll find lots of local history information at the local museums and in books in the library, but there are also some useful resources on our Heritage Pages

NCEA Study Guides

We hold the key core subjects and some minor subjects as well. Please have a look in the teen areas of our 3 libraries.